Annoyed mother helping son with homework sitting nearby at kitchen table

3 Things You Should Know if Back-to-School Ends Up Back at Your Kitchen Table

I certainly hope this school year can remain in the school building, however there is a chance that back-to-school could end back up at your kitchen table, again.

Distance learning proved to be unsuccessful for many students on the autism spectrum last school year. At the same time, with so much time at home,  it’s provided an opportunity for parents to understand their child’s barriers to learning and what specific skills they are lacking. Other students made more progress given one-on-one teaching from parents. What ever your situation, the school closures have created an opportunity for parents to press a reset button on their child’s IEP by identifying lagging skills that may not have been identified earlier.

I’m the mother of a wonderful young man on the autism spectrum and a special education advocate who works with families whose children have autism. In the weeks following the school closings in March, my phone blew up with desperate phone calls from parents regarding their children on the autism spectrum.  Concerns ran the gamut.