Vegetable Chopper

This tool is perfect for a two-person job.  An adult can use a knife to cut the vegetables into manageable pieces where littler hands can do the chopping and pouring with the OXO Vegetable chopper.

3-In-1 Egg Separator

Separating eggs yolks from the white is tricky business.  This egg separator makes the job fool proof.

OXO Egg Slicer

I love this egg slicer because it has a silicone grip surface that keeps it steady on the counter.  It’s great for making egg salad.

Sensory 3-Sided Toothbrush

Oral health is vital to healthy living, but for some children with autism, toothbrushing can be challenging. It’s important to start with picking out the best toothbrush to fit your child’s needs.  This 3-sided toothbrush is perfect for the child who may not be able to have the finesse to brush all surfaces of the […]

Angel Sense GPS Tracker

Have peace of mind and provide your child with greater independence and confidence AngelSense, a GPS assistive technology that provides protection of from wandering & bullying.

Time Timer

Time management will dramatically improve with the Time Timer, an assistive technology device that shows time passing visually and can beep to alert that time is up.

BUZZY®: Stop Needle Pain

The Buzzy is a small vibrating bee with ice-pack wings that blocks the pain signal to the brain when placed on the body.  This health & safety assistive technology is a life changing tool when helping your child tolerate the sharp pain of injections, blood draws or other medical procedures.

101 Reasons People Get Fired

It’s easy to get a job but harder to keep it. This books will help identify the skills to teach in order to keep a job.