Hurricanes and Life Skills

Secure hotel reservation that takes dogs for a week – Check Pack garage with outside furniture and other things that can take flight – Check Throw away food in freezer and Refridgerator – Check Pack what food you can for hotel room – Check Pack DVD player and Disney DVD’s – Check Pack clothes for […]

Autism and Life Skills: Tools Matter!

Have you ever tried to open a jar with all of your might, but you just can’t twist it open? Then you remember that you have this thingy in the drawer that’s supposed to do the job, and presto magic, voila it opens with ease! The right tools for the job matter!   Tools that make […]

Autism and Driving: Does Your Child’s IEP Include the Essentials?

One third of students with autism without intellectual disability earn a driver’s license. Yet, many of these students will never have Transition IEP goals to address all of the life skills needed around driving. Wonder what some of the skills are? How to interact with a police officer. Due to impaired communication abilities, some students […]