What are Conceptual Skills?

These include reading, numbers, money, time, and communication skills. Conceptual Skills may be the most demanding skills for many people with autism. These skills require applying insights into a situation. Conceptual skills include reading, numbers, money, time, and communication skills.

Communication Skills

Conceptual Skills

Understanding and using verbal and nonverbal language. Speech, language, and listening skills needed for communication with other people, including vocabulary, responding to questions, conversation skills, etc.

Proloquo2Go™ and Proloquo4Text™ Combo Packs

conceptual skills

Proloquo2Go™ and Proloquo4Text™ are Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices that provide a “voice” for people who cannot or have difficulty speaking.

Functional Academics

Lifeskills Lady

Using reading, writing, and math skills in everyday life. Basic reading, writing, mathematics, and other academic skills needed for daily, independent functioning, including telling time, measurement, writing notes and letters, etc.


conceptual skills

Learn about money with this fun and interactive coin-counting calculator! Each realistic coin and dollar button makes a sound when pressed. Use the Coin-U-Lator to count money, teach the value of different coins, determine how much money is needed to make a purchase, and more! There are also two fun learning games, and when the correct answer is entered, players are rewarded with a “Good Job!” or “Way to Go!”.

Self-Direction Tools

conceptual skills

Problem solving, exercising choice, initiating and planning activities. Skills needed for independence, responsibility, and self-control, including starting and completing tasks, keeping a schedule, following time limits, following directions, making choices, etc.


conceptual skills

Everyone loves to tell fun, engaging, and imaginative stories. Go ahead and make a social story or visual schedule for a child with autism or a slide show of holiday pictures for your friends – Pictello makes it a breeze to create and share! Whether you use the included natural-sounding Text to Speech voices, or record your own voice, Pictello is the perfect tool for visual storytelling.