It’s ‘Time’ for Good Daily Habits

My dad is nearing 98 years old. He doesn’t get out and about as much as he used to, but he still gets dressed every day as if he had some place important to go. After showering, he puts on his socks followed by his khakis or corduroys. No jeans for this guy, he hasn’t owned a pair in his life. Then comes the belt, button down shirt and last, his watch.

My dad’s eye sight isn’t what it used to be. We have oversized digital clocks for him to tell time. I was recently visiting him when he brought his wrist up to his face inches from his eyes trying to tell the time. This was immediately followed by asking me “Jules, what time is it?” I chuckled and asked him why he continues to wear his watch if he can’t read it anymore? He said, “I don’t know, it’s just a habit.” We both had a good laugh. I asked if he should continue wearing it and he exclaimed, “well yes, it’s part of my routine and I don’t think I can stop it now.” Well if that isn’t the definition of a good habit!