Autism Social Skills Tools

What are Social Skills?
These skills help us to get along well with others. These skills include understanding and following social rules and customs; obeying laws, and detecting the motivations of others in order to avoid victimization and deception.

Social Skills

Social Skills

Maintaining interpersonal relationships, understanding emotions and social cues, understanding fairness and honesty, obeying rules and laws.

Skills needed to interact socially and get along with other people, including having friends, showing and recognizing emotions, assisting others, and using manners.

Thinking About You Thinking About Me, 2nd Edition

social skills

This is where to start to learn more about social interaction and social awareness. Understanding the perspectives of others is key to all interpersonal relationships.

Leisure Skills

Social Skills

Taking responsibility for one’s own activities, having the ability to participate in the community.

Skills needed for engaging in and planning leisure and recreational activities, including playing with others, engaging in recreation at home, following rules in games, etc.


Social Skills

Recreation is about activities and experiences which produce feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. They give all of us opportunities to express creativity, achieve and master new skills.